The importance of handcraft

Handcrafted products offer higher quality and attention to detail to the customers. That’s why in Valera we created a Master Team.

Valera, The Swiss Hair Specialists, since the beginning of its productions strongly believed in the importance of providing the best products on the market: for this reason, in its Ligornetto (Switzerland) headquarters, special attention was dedicated to the R&D department and real hand-made production.

The Valera Masters Team

Our company strongly believes in finding the perfect customer experience for its products: that’s why it was created a restricted group of specialists called “The Valera Masters Team”. Starting from the first drafts, our team works closely with hair professionals to understand practical needs and transform theirs into technical features of ideal working tools. A working method that for example was able to bring to market some Valera’s Unique Selling Propositions such as Rotocord, the innovative swivel device for a tangle-free cord, or Touch Me, the patented styling nozzle that remains cool during the use of the hairdryer.

Attention to detail combined with expertise

Every single hairdryer, hair straightener or clipper is manually produced by the most experienced and skilled specialists animated by a common goal: to realize an excellent item, able to pass all the tests in terms of aesthetical perfection and optimal function.

Discover the Valera Salon Exclusive line for the USA here!

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