Which are the best hair dryers of 2020?

Are you wondering if a Valera product is on the list?

Yep! You can read it on Byrdie (byrdie.com) an online magazine obsessed with beauty!
On august they have written an article describing a list of the “9 Professional Blow dryers Hairstylist Actually use ».
And yes, Valera has been reviewed!

Our hair dryer is placed at the 9th place of the list, certainly not at the first one but anyway it’s in the list! 
The important thing is to participate, right?

The experts who made the ranking are:
Legh Hardges – Stylist of Maxime Salon in Chicago;
Derick Monroe celebrity stylist and Dark&Lovely spokesperson;
John Mouzakis stylist and owner of the 3rd Coast Salon in Chicago.

Why are they making this ranking of the best professional hair dryers of 2020?
Well, because you must have somebody who can tell you where you can invest, to invest your time and your money. So, who can do it better than a stylist?

“A professional hair dryer is designed for extended use. You’ll find it has a long life expectancy, consistency in heat and air force, and tends to be lighter in weight,” explains Leigh Hardges, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “They deliver a more professional-looking finish to the hair, they’re easier to use, and dry times are quicker,” she adds, explaining why these are worth the investment.

We are talking about timeless hair dryers and Valera is number 1 in this, it’s an investment over time, especially thanks to its Professional Features.

Mouzakies explains how Valera hair dryers are not only design and style, but they are also designed to last over time.

« Most of the time when a blow dryer breaks down it’s from the cord getting twisted, rather than something happening to the dryer itself, » explain Mouzakis. « This one has a special rotary cord system that prevents the cord from getting twisted and breaking. »

He also adds that in the unlike event that something happens there’s a warranty of two years… and the bonus point is that the hairdryer arrives with two concentrator nozzles.

Find out what it is like to have a Valera product in your salon!

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