Danny Lopez, Valera Master Barber Educator

Danny has 35 years of experience in the barber industry, 3rd Generation Master Barber Stylist, educator and owner of his own store in Northern New Jersey, Lopez Barber Salon in Belleville, NJ. 
Isn’t that a perfect Portfolio? 

We are proud to have him with us! 
Besides being a job, for Danny it is a passion that he wants to share with those who love this world. 
His passion goes back a long way, dating back to when he was a child, thanks to his father, who owned a barber shop and school. From being a small curiosity, Danny’s passion became also a job, and he followed in his father’s footsteps becoming a Master Barber Educator in 5 different states. 
Thanks to his passion, Danny passes it on every day when he teaches advanced barbering to professionals in the various salons and schools, he visits to teach students the various techniques. 
Danny has also developed his own technique called the Barber Up Method. 
To all this, Danny has chosen to be a Valera Master Barber Educator, he believes in the quality of the brand and the professionalism that is answered in all products, from hair dryers to clippers. 

How did you learn about the Valera Salon Exclusive brand?
I learned about Valera Salon Exclusive through professionals in the barber world. 

Why did you choose Valera products?
I have tried other brands in my career, but I have to say that Valera Salon Exclusive is by far the best brand I have ever worked with. Valera products are the most reliable heat styling products on the market! 

What do you like about our products?
The brand immediately gave me confidence because of the quality and design behind each product. 
The products are reliable, versatile, give a sense of comfort and dynamic. In addition, they are powerful and durable, thanks to the innovation studied. 
I use Valera products all the time, I can’t get enough of them! 

After experiencing the iconic Classic1955 hair dryer I can finally experience Valera 7.0 VarioPro and DynamicPro hair dryer as well. 
I recommend all my colleagues to try Valera products, a real experience!
To see Danny follow him on his social media, keep updated with his classes! 

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