Valera Classic 1955 an iconic hairdryer for Gentlemen’s barbers

Tradition, elegance, style and balance. 

Over the centuries, the figure of the barber has been associated with man’s physical appearance. A profession that has evolved over time and is now back in vogue!
Thanks to all the Barbershops in our cities, straddling the tradition of the past and the modernity of the present. 
The barbershop has never gone out of fashion, it is an ancient job that has innovated, combining the tradition and innovation of today. 
Valera, the Swiss Hair Specialist since 1955, has designed the hair dryer for the vintage style of barber shops and for today’s men. 
Between technology and tradition, power and durability, design and convenience, like Valera Classic 1955.
Valera Classic 1955 is the true metal blow dryer created for salons. 

The true iconic hairdryer for gentlemen’s where traditional style meets the latest technology, combining the style and charm of the past with today’s standards. 
A professional hairdryer, with a long-lasting AC motor and a precise, ultra-narrow TOUCH ME nozzle. 
A good barber needs an elegant tool made of fine chrome-plated steel, combined with the noble burgundy color of the slightly curved handle. 

Discover design in iconic details and swiss quality. 

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